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The most advanced
pest control products

For healthair spaces
keep insect away

Mohen Chemistry produces superior pest control products both for its own brands and for the famous brands of the market.

Founded in 1983, our company is one of Turkey's leading manufacturers of pesticides for domestic use. Our production, which started with matt tablets only in the days we were established, continues to develop continuously by spreading to a wide range under the Bion brand. Bion products have been developed to provide maximum impact against pests with minimum risk to humans. Read More....


Cockroaches, Ant,

Mosquito, Housefly

tick, lice, fleas, bedbugs,

midge, mouse, rat

You can find the appropriate product by clicking on the name of the insects


Mohen Chemistry
Selimpaşa mahallesi, 6093 sokak, No:102, 34590 Silivri / İstanbul


Phone: +90 (212) 567 8868
Fax: 90 (212) 577 6476