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What we have done so far is the guarantee of what we will do next.

1 january 1990                           

Company establishment

Mohen Kimya was established in Istanbul in 1990 and it has initially started its business activities by manufacturing moth repellents and marketing pest control products. Three years after it was established, it has started branding and licensing studies for the production of pest control products and as a result of these studies it has developed several products.

2 february 1998

Branding Tıme

Mohen Kimya produces and markets several pest control products with the brands Bion, Filit, Shock Out, Badcat, Filtrap, Floret. Our Company has increased both its product quality and diversity by executing supply and distributorship agreements with European manufacturers in order to support the requirements for high quality raw material and goods by considering the needs of the industry.

march 2005                         

Distribution channels

Our Company established a marketing team within 7 different regions in Turkey adopting the principle of self-development within the field of marketing. This way, the company was able to reach a number of distributors and retail points in Turkey. Signing agreements with major pharmaceutical warehouses, it has started to have a number of pharmacies sell its products. With the expansion of the distribution channels, it rose to high ranks within the industry compared to its competitors and it has come to a level where it is able to compete with the world renown brands.

april 2013                         

Opening to the world

Our company which continues its studies related to foreign markets in an expedited manner, also started exportation activities predominantly with the neighbouring countries. Iraq, Albania, Libya, Syria, Macedonia, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are among these countries.

Nowenber 2016                         

private label

Our company continued to increase its production ability with new notifications and Silivri moved to the new factory building. has started production for its customers both in Turkey and in the international market.


Mohen Chemistry
Selimpaşa mahallesi, 6093 sokak, No:102, 34590 Silivri / İstanbul


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